Our City Fellowship

Our Fellowship
  • Currently offered in 4 cities - Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru

  • Broaden the exposure of School Leaders, with a focus on developing and improving their leadership skills

  • Empower School Leaders to take their schools from good to great

  • Drive high performing schools that commit to and deliver academic achievement and character development of children in low-budget schools

  • Curriculum design derived from international programmes

Benefits of our Fellowship
  • A School Leader impacts the whole school. Hence, the impact of this programme will be felt by teachers, students and every aspect of the school management

  • Teachers will be held to higher standards and given necessary support, students will perform better and parents will be more invested

  • More parents will be inclined to send their children to such a school

  • Transformational schools are held in high regard within the community

ISLI Fellowship Overview

Comprehensive Leadership Development Process