Strong school leadership leads to high quality education for children

We work with Principals, Trustees and School Heads from low-income schools across India through a 2-year learning and implementation programme. We focus on helping them build capacity and develop strategies for improving student learning outcomes and overall school performance.

About the Programme

Investing in School Leaders helps us impact more children with fewer resources

Our model allows us to impact the entire school ecosystem while keeping the cost-per-child low. The approach has a long term effect as School Leaders continue to work on improving their schools after the programme. The model allows us to scale rapidly and reach more children across geographies.

Investing in School Leaders helps us impact more children with fewer resources.

Our programme looks into six key focus areas to strengthen School Leaders

Share knowledge and best practices

18 workshops in two years. The focus is to bring the alumni and Programme Managers under one roof for knowledge and skill sharing.

Identify and address areas of improvement

Identifying key areas that need improvements, set goals and action plans to achieve them.

Learn from the best schools

School Leaders visit high performing schools and observe best practices to understand how they function and what makes them successful.

Engage students in classroom

Conducting walk-throughs in the school to observe classroom activity and come up with constructive feedback for teachers.

Sustain practices learnt in the programme

School Leaders are invited to join a community of ISLI Programme Managers and other School Leaders for continuous support and motivation.

Solve classroom problems

School Leaders guide their teachers to identify classroom problems and build actionable plans to solve those specific problems.

We have reached over 3,000 schools and 6.5 lakh students across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi

Schools have seen 20.5% improvement in number of students performing better than GMI Average post ISLI’s intervention

GMI assesses low cost private schools in India to determine students' reading, arithmetic, and English language skills.

Percentage of students [in ISLI trained school] performing better than GMI Average in India

Percentage of students [in ISLI trained school] performing better than GMI Average in India

Empowering School
Leaders across India

Creating a safe learning place for students – An inspiring tale of a school’s transformation.

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By 2020, we plan to scale our model to low-income schools across India in three ways.

Government partnerships to reach 36,000 SLs

We are working with the Tamil Nadu State Gov. and are partnering with 2-3 more state governments bodies to build internal capacity for recruitment, selection and training of School Leaders.

Expanding to more cities to work with 1,000 SLs/Year

We are expanding to new cities, and getting Master Trainers on board to carry out our School Leadership training more efficiently.

Virtual training to reach 40,000 SLs

We are working on taking our curriculum online to reach more School Leaderrs through Mobile Apps, Webinars and MOOCs.

Our vision is to make every school in India be led by an effective school leader who commits to high quality education for children.

Join the ISLI team

We are a passionate young team driven to improve the quality of the education system in India through our unique top-down approach.

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Fund our efforts

We are looking for partners who can fund our scaling and implementation efforts. Reach out to us or connect us to a company you know.

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Implement our programme

We are looking to collaborate with experienced organisations that can help us implement our programme in other cities.

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Refer a School Leader

Help us reach out to more school leaders through your network. Share about the work we do and connect us with interested school leaders.

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