Through the ISLI Fellowship, I have been able to identify my strengths and how I can work with what did not go well, how things have to be followed methodically and with a proper, systematic approach to learning.

ISLI talks about the concrete evidences that take place in the classroom or school surroundings, looking at things in a positive manner and working on the negative aspects as an improvement area.

Here are some of the positive changes in my school:

  • Alternatives to Corporal punishment, Classroom observations and School walkthroughs introduced by ISLI helped me to work to my fullest.
  • ISLI’s classroom observation & feedback processes have eliminated fear from the teachers’ minds and teachers are able to deliver the lessons in a stress-free manner even in my presence.
  • Earlier we used to frame class rules for the class. But with the idea of framing classroom agreements with students given by ISLI, managing student behaviour can become simple.

ISLI really helps school leaders to grow and take the school towards excellence in a systematic manner.