An interview with Ms Prema K, ISLI Mumbai School Leader

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An interview with Ms Prema K, ISLI Mumbai School Leader

We recently interviewed Ms. Prema K, an ISLI School leader from Mumbai. She is working as a Head Mistress at Purushottam High School, Bandra (E), Mumbai. Here’s what she had to say.

Why I joined the ISLI Fellowship:

I heard from one of my friends about ISLI and believed that this fellowship program will bring a change in my attitude and my school.

What motivates me to be a school leader:

The values I’m able to impart to my students and the way I’m responsible for molding my students for future makes me feel satisfied. This little contribution of mine to my country keeps me motivated to be a school leader.

The impact of ISLI fellowship:

  • Personal change – There is a change in my attitude towards different stakeholders. My vision is now clearer. I have developed a positive approach and realized how important it is to bring a change in the system.
  • School Environment – School discipline has improved. Having defined classroom structures has helped in improving the school discipline. My focus shifted from implementation to follow up. We now have much concrete structures in place. Our approach towards discrepancies is now much more specific and is very positive. We are now observing a gradual change in our students’ mindset/attitude.

As part of my school SIDP (School Improvement & Development Plan), my (ISLI) Program Manager suggested me to use sight words to improve the reading levels of my students. This has helped me to create interest in low-performing students as well. Even the mischievous ones are now interested in reading time.

About the recent ISLI peer-school visit: I’m inspired by the resourcefulness and I now believe that money is not a barrier to success. I can do many more things with the available resources.

The message to other school leaders:

“If we want to bring any change, it is us who should change first. Being open to learning helps us to move a step closer to anything we want to achieve.”

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