Journey so far as an ISLI school leader:

In the first year of the ISLI fellowship, I re-learnt about how to plan a lesson, how to observe the lesson, give feedback to teachers, school self-evaluation, shared leadership, etc. I have carried forward nearly all of these aspects in the second year. I did so to ensure a better teaching-learning process so that my students will be able to show better results.

On corporal punishment and school improvement:

  • I strongly believe in ‘no corporal punishment’ policy as it ensures that students will have faith in you. They will show respect towards their teachers. They will learn in a happy environment.
  • We have also taken up ISLI’s shared-leadership model because of which I am able to delegate the tasks. My responsibility is now shared and I am relaxed to do some other important tasks.
  • We have a school improvement plan in place because of which my teachers are motivated to give their best. They now write better lesson plans, and execute the same in a joyful and the right way.

I wish to transform my school into better place for teaching and learning. I want all of my students to progress together.

Change in personal leadership:

  • I see a great change in myself after joining the ISLI Fellowship. I observe my teachers, give them feedback to make them understand their strengths as well as weaknesses in a tension-free environment.
  • I conduct workshops for teachers to guide them about strategies which they can use while teaching. The fellowship has helped me to plan for my teachers' professional development, and it has immensely helped me in teacher management.
  • I am able to learn from other school leaders about their ways of handling their schools.

I wish to tell all new Year-1 school leaders to have confidence in ISLI. It will give you an insight about making your school a heaven for children.


(Photo: Ms Rajani Duvedi taking a session on 'revision strategy' for her teachers)