Another successful year of the City Fellowship has been completed, and over 150 School Leaders graduated from ISLI’s programme having fulfilled all the requirements of the two years.

Congratulations to all the graduating School Leaders!

We hope you will continue down this path of improvement for your school that you began with ISLI, and we hope you will continue to see the quality of teaching and learning increase in your school over the years. In surveys conducted with our school leaders, a significant number of you state that your skills have increased over the year with improved classroom environments, teacher engagement and student learning. These are great indicators of the changes that you, as school leaders, are enabling in your school, and sets a very strong platform from which the school can develop and grow. It is our aim that the lessons you have learned through the two years of the Fellowship and the skills you have developed will hold you in good stead while you set out to achieve your vision and goals for your school in the long-term.

It has been a year of learning for us at ISLI. We’ve been thinking, almost constantly, about how we can ensure more effective training and support for our school leaders, and how we can ensure that new practices that have been
established in school continue even once the school is no longer a part of ISLI’s City Fellowship. Towards this, our teams have worked on incorporating structures that will build sustainable of practices within the school. We will also be including a lot of our learning into our workshops and school visits in the next year, and aim to support our school leaders even more effectively. While the time we have with our school leaders is limited, we wish to leave a truly long-lasting impact on the school within the two years of our engagement.

During this year, ISLI also began work on larger government partnerships. In August 2018, we commenced a partnership with the Government of Tamil Nadu to train over 1500 school leaders and education officers in Krishnagiri district. Through these government partnerships, we intend for our programme to reach a larger number of school leaders across India, so that more schools are led by school leaders with a vision to create high-quality schools.

And so, as we end the year, and prepare for a new academic year, we are more energized to support a greater number of school leaders through both our City Fellowship programme as well as with our government partnerships. We’re excited to welcome a new cohort of school leaders into ISLI, and are more resolved than ever to ensure that every school leader we work with is truly equipped to deliver high-quality education in their school.