An interview with Ms. Naushad Ahmed, Principal at Holy Crescent High School, Bengaluru

ISLI has been a great boon to me. It has been an eye opener and made me realize things that were important in realizing my dreams for the school. For instance, lesson
observations, lesson plans, school walkthroughs, teacher motivation, classroom displays,

Personally, I have something to look forward to everyday. ISLI has helped to set goals for the school, students and teachers. We have successfully completed 4 SIDP’s (School Improvement and Development Plans) in the past 3-4 months.

Now we are more organised and have a school leadership team that has made my work much easier. I feel that I am not the only one responsible for the improvement of the school. I have a good backup of teachers and students to help me out and give me feedback, suggestion/ ideas. I also feel a good vibe emanating from the teachers.

I strongly believe that teachers must continue to learn and use new methods/techniques to make learning more fun and effective. As leaders, we must incorporate and find time to bring about changes on a regular basis for the benefit of students and staff. As said by someone, “Change is a form of growth,” and I strongly believe in it.