An interview with Ms Asra Mahmood, Academic In charge at MESCO Kidz, Hyderabad 

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about supporting others to grow and building strong relationships with various stakeholders such as teachers, students, parents and community.”

Learning from the Year 1 of ISLI Programme:

I have implemented some of the best practices such as lesson planning, lesson observation, school walkthroughs, monthly planning, regular workshops and training. I realised that I am now more aware of what is actually happening in my school, what are some areas that my teachers and students need support and how to work towards achieving the desired improvement.

Impact of ISLI:

I have become more confident in conducting workshops and training. Earlier I was hesitant in making decisions but now I am slowly building my confidence and skill to make quick yet impactful decisions.

Challenge to be tackled:

Better parental involvement in their child’s education so as to reduce irregularity in student attendance and latecomers.

Plans for the coming year:

I am planning to build a strong school culture, and encourage my teachers to do action research projects focusing on specific areas. I would like to develop an action research journal so as to make it an integral part of the process. I would like to take up circle time with teachers and sharing circles for students. We would work towards the goals that are aligned with the vision of my school.