ISLI Fellowship impacted me a lot in building a positive attitude. I regularly contact ISLI Programme Manager, Soeleen to take guidance from her to bring a positive change in building confidence among staff, students and in myself.

We are focusing on identifying and solving problems by prioritising on the basis of quick wins. Some of these are:

  • Writing objectives for the class for every lesson period
  • Avoiding corporal punishment of any form and making classroom agreements
  • Displaying student work in school and classroom
  • Effective questioning pattern
  • Formation of School Safety Committee

Sight words fixation for every class depending upon their age and ability
We even made a few flexes in our school for display. One of the displays was a list of 300 regular-usage verbs. Every day, students from 5th to 8th grade learn the verbs and have started using them in their everyday English which makes me very happy.

B. Nagamanimala School Principal, TSWRS (G) Veldanda, Telangana

Even before joining ISLI, I did classroom and school walkthrough, but it was done aimlessly. After ISLI, I do walkthroughs with a specific aim. Every week we are focusing on particular areas, which we discuss with teachers every Saturday as meeting resolutions. The feedback that I give to teachers also helps me in following up on the action steps. We discuss how much we have been implementing and what are the next steps to be taken.

I am proud to be a part of the ISLI team that works for building better citizens of our country.

- B. Nagamanimala. School Principal, TSWRS