An interview Ms K Naga Seetha,
Principal, Tiny Scholars High School, Hyderguda (Attarpur), Hyderabad

Gandhiji’s saying 'You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ motivates me to be a school leader.

I have a strong belief that every child has the potential to excel in society. But today’s education world experiences new problems such as bullying, addiction to gadgets and much more. To face these, we need to update our knowledge by adopting and implementing new methods and techniques. But for getting higher results, we require a platform to interact with various teaching professionals as well as regular training with innovative methods and strategies. And, this platform to achieve excellence in education is nothing but - ISLI.

How the ISLI fellowship has impacted me personally and my school environment:

  • ISLI workshops are a great learning experience. We get to share ideas with all young and dynamic teaching faculty and school leaders.
  • ISLI has a remarkable impact on managing student behaviour. Also, there is an effective use of teachers’ time to focus on learning outcomes by setting agreements and expectations among students, teachers and parents.
  • It has helped in training the faculty to develop growth and productive mindset with alternatives for corporal punishment. The formation of SLT (School Leadership Team) and delegation of tasks are very effective in creating and achieving smart goals. It has given us scope for self-evaluation through a school walkthrough.
  • The ISLI Programme Manager's guidance in the plan of action through a school visit is a stepping stone to reach our goals.

Finally, with the help of ISLI we are marching towards a quality-oriented education.