I am a year-1 fellow at ISLI.  But I am already implementing so many components from the programme such as,

  • Child Safety plan
  • Alternatives to corporal punishment like attention grabbers, discipline trackers, etc.
  • Forming a school leadership team
  • Lesson observations and feedback
  • Setting goals for the school

To ensure the sustainability, I plan to keep records on a daily basis.  I’ll be using trackers for teachers, maintain one-to-one interaction with the staff and most important, appreciate them from time to time for their work.

The impact of the ISLI Programme on my school:

Actually, I am already witnessing the outcomes 😊.  I would like cite an example here. After forming the SLT (School Leadership Team) comprising of teachers, things are falling in place effectively.  Now I have more time for planning and implementation of new ideas since minor issues are being handled by the SLT.

The change in my leadership style and the school by being a part of ISLI:

As said above, I am no more stuck with small issues. I have improved a lot at giving feedback to teachers after lesson observations. My teachers and I are eager for feedback and the interaction during the feedback has become more pleasant.  I am getting a positive response from their end.

A message to other school leaders:

Before every workshop, we receive a WhatsApp message from the ISLI team with the agenda for the workshop.  When I go through the agenda, the sessions mentioned are often familiar.  (That is what I always felt).  For example - School walk through. This is what I have been doing for all these years. But after the session, I realised that there is so much that has been included now in my walk through. Every session changes my view on the task that I am at.  A very detailed and advanced information is given during the sessions.  The sessions are very interactive and interesting.  Every school leader who wishes to transform their school must join ISLI.