Being a part of the ISLI programme has given me confidence that we have access to the best practices from around the world. It has ensured that our goals are practical. It just requires efforts from my side. I have become dynamic & relatively stress-free. With several areas being streamlined, I now have time to focus on my professional development.

Components of the Year-1 programme that I have consciously taken forward in this year: 

  • ISLI's Continuous Improvement Framework has been a great tool to understand different domains in the school. It’s a ready reckoner to check the health of our institute.
  • School Self Evaluation has helped us to set goals, understand where we are and what actions we need to take to reach each goal. This would be an on-going thing to make our school a world-class institute.
  • Situational Leadership model has been very useful too. It has helped to assess the staff easily. One often gets frustrated when a job is not done as per requirement. With this model, one can assess and work on the skill/will of the staff.

Plan for this year:

Even though we have the knowledge of the field, often we are not able to achieve our goals due to inconsistency. Many interruptions happen, and tasks are left half done. Therefore, I am planning to be consistent and use all the tools like School Walk Through, Lesson plan format, lesson observation, handling data, and delegation to achieve this consistency.

I want to further hone my skills in doing 'action research'. I want to view our problems with a research mindset. This immediately gives one objectivity. I want to encourage my staff to become researchers. This will give us an open mind and a platform to learn.

A message I would like to share with readers:

Leaders should be so inspiring that they motivate their staff and students. To do this, school leaders should consciously make an effort to keep their inspiration high by regular reading & personal development. This way they will not lose the sight of the vision/goal. They must first manage themselves, work on weaknesses and focus on building strengths. Improvement can happen only when one acts on the knowledge possessed. Leaders should stay focused, be consistent and develop a sense of cooperation among all the stakeholders.