An interview with Ms Heena Faridi, In-charge at Babul-ulloom Public School, Delhi

“One of the ‘aha’ moment for me was about the acceptance ISLI has towards its School Leaders…I’m happy to see all their efforts made to make me feel comfortable…and feel proud to be a part of an all-inclusive space.”

Motivation to join ISLI Programme:

Being part of Babul-ulloom Public School for the past seven years, I have always worked with different stakeholders such as management, teachers, parents and students in order to create better learning experiences for students. The motivation to join ISLI stems from the belief that there is a lot more that can be done for school improvement and development in case we attain clarity over strategic ways to achieve the vision of our school. I strongly believe that the ISLI Programme would ensure that and put us on a path to success.

What is in it for me and for others:

ISLI is an excellent opportunity to be exposed to best practices and the knowledge sharing that happens during the workshops as well as through in-school support and the School Leader Network. Since we belong to a community where there are a lot of hindrances in going out for learning, I wanted my teachers also to have a learning opportunity through me with the help of this programme.  Moreover, I am working to transform as a leader and grow as an individual, thus this programme perfectly caters to my needs.

Impact of ISLI on me and my school so far:

ISLI has helped me to work more systematically and pushed me and my team to give their best. It has provided me with opportunities to present my work to the ISLI School Leaders community. It motivated me to build a leadership team which helps me maintain the decorum of the school and keep the students accountable for their work and behaviour. ISLI stressed on the importance of data collection, analysis and data-driven decision making. We collected data which helped me identify areas of improvement. I have noticed that parents are more engaged in the process of school development. We now actively involve and communicate the progress to parents. Since they feel more involved, the complaints from parents have drastically reduced  The sanitation, hygiene and the overall cleanliness of the school has been the focus for the School Leadership Team (SLT). We look forward to achieving the goals we have set for the school this year.

Message to other School Leaders:

When I joined ISLI, I was very reluctant to participate in the workshop and was unsure if it’s the right choice as I was not confident about my communication in English. When I shared this with the team at ISLI, they listened and made me comfortable by making all the communication as per my need. They also ensured that during workshops, I get the right resources to learn the best. They pushed me to present the best practice adopted by our school in front of other ISLI School Leaders just after 3 months. All these efforts made me confident and proud of being part of an all-inclusive space like ISLI.