ISLI hosted its first-ever webinar on ‘Early childhood education and development’ (ECED) which was attended by 16 School Leaders and 8 ISLI staff members. The subject matter expert, Ms Sanno Shrivastav from ‘Center for early childhood education and development, Ambedkar University’ facilitated a 45-minute discussion on:

  • What is ECE?
  • What children need in their foundational years?
  • How to help students transition from kindergarten to formal schooling systems?
  • What are the resources that are required for high-quality ECED?

School Leaders clarified their doubts around

  • How do they make up for lost years of pre-school support when students join at 4-5 years of age?
  • When should they start focusing on writing skills?
  • How important is it for students to learn correct spellings in early years?
  • How to support students with different learning needs?